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Welcome to Amco Paints

Amco paints is a leading company in Pakistan providing paints variety in the field of Enamel, Special Emusion, Weather Cover, PlasticEmulsion, Matt Finish.  The best way to decorate a house if you're on a budget is by one section at a time. The first place to start is the exterior. It is the most visible and probably the most dramatic when making changes. Repainting the exterior can also add tremendous value to your house if you're thinking of reselling. When funds are limited the thing to consider when choosing the color for the exterior is whether to keep the existing color or not. If you keep the existing color, a similar shade or go darker, this is less expensive than going from a dark color to a lighter one. As the number of coats applied are less there for saving time and money.


CEO Message  
I give credence to, that all the achievements "Amco Paints". has made, is the outcome of corporate culture and professional approach to satisfy our customers. In the future, we will exert our best to be a company growing with society and returning customers' sustaining support. There are so many challanges in pakistan in Paints Industry, And the biggest challange is to remain stayed strongly in the market with a highly demanding brand. No doubt all the credits go to my team, workers, and after all the customers.
And thats the reason that we always say that " Let your home be charmed by a stroke of Cover Up Paints". We are always here to provide the true life colors, After a strong trust with Cover Up, we have PELL, The largest selling brand in Afghanistan aslo. So Filling the demand successfully progress and prosper into a dynamic enterprise. Since then, it has achieved many milestones, gained respect and creditability in the market.
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